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can't search after migration to openldap-2.0.23

I cannot search anymore after migration 1.3 -> 2.0.23. All searches with
ldapsearch looks like:

 ldapsearch  -h localhost -b "o=Pure NetworX, c=CH" "(objectclass=*)"
 version: 2

 # filter: (objectclass=*)
 # requesting: ALL

 # search result
 search: 2
 result: 0 Success

 # numResponses: 1

Currently I still have the 1.3 version installed cause I need a working
ldap server. I don't see any clashes with shared libs.

I tried to play with debugging levels but I don't see what's going on.
It looks like there is no data in the directory but the ldapadd
reported success.

Any hints appreciated.