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RE: A concern about building openldap RPMs.

I would think this an issue for most packages that substitute pathnames
into their manpages and such. Have you already tried
 "make install DESTDIR=/my/private/install-destination"
to relocate the installation?

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> Subject: A concern about building openldap RPMs.
> Hello,
> [This question is posed to those of you who are
> familiar with the process of building rpms from
> sources and .spec files...]
> I am currently trying to build a binary i386 RPM
> for openldap 2-0-23. The openldap configure / Makefile
> setup is causing me some problems.
> I realize this has already been done by OpenPKG (and 
> possibly others), but I tried looking at OpenPKG's 
> example, and was overwhelmed with what was going on.
> I have a simple dilemma that seems to have a complex 
> solution. I am looking for advice:
> ---------------------------------------------
> I want to, as a non-root user, build and install
> openldap into an alternate directory besides '/',
> BUT have the resultant installed package run normally
> as if it WERE in /. This will probably sound crazy to 
> those of you who have never build an RPM.
> Let's use the good old default rpm build root of
> /var/tmp/openldap-root/
> You'd think this would be no problem - just pass
> options such as --prefix, --sharedstatedir, etc. to
> configure to set up the correct directory
> hierarchies.
> Wrong. This does not work. What ends up happening is
> that /var/tmp/openldap-buildroot/ gets hardcoded in
> lots of files. I did a:
> find . -type f -exec grep -l var/tmp/openldap-root {}
> \;
> in the installed files, and found entries in man
> pages, 
> binaries, and, if I remember correctly, libraries.
> How can I build openldap EASILY in such a manner as to
> allow for an alternate build directory, BUT
> not have any references to the build directory
> hardcoded into the installed files.
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