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A concern about building openldap RPMs.


[This question is posed to those of you who are
familiar with the process of building rpms from
sources and .spec files...]

I am currently trying to build a binary i386 RPM
for openldap 2-0-23. The openldap configure / Makefile
setup is causing me some problems.

I realize this has already been done by OpenPKG (and 
possibly others), but I tried looking at OpenPKG's 
example, and was overwhelmed with what was going on.

I have a simple dilemma that seems to have a complex 
solution. I am looking for advice:

I want to, as a non-root user, build and install
openldap into an alternate directory besides '/',
BUT have the resultant installed package run normally
as if it WERE in /. This will probably sound crazy to 
those of you who have never build an RPM.

Let's use the good old default rpm build root of

You'd think this would be no problem - just pass
options such as --prefix, --sharedstatedir, etc. to
configure to set up the correct directory

Wrong. This does not work. What ends up happening is
that /var/tmp/openldap-buildroot/ gets hardcoded in
lots of files. I did a:

find . -type f -exec grep -l var/tmp/openldap-root {}
in the installed files, and found entries in man
binaries, and, if I remember correctly, libraries.

How can I build openldap EASILY in such a manner as to
allow for an alternate build directory, BUT
not have any references to the build directory
hardcoded into the installed files.

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