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Outlook and OpenLdap

I have been reading and working with Ldap for a couple of weeks now and have come to a brick wall as far as my knowledge goes. What I need to do should be fairly simple but I just can't seem to grasp it and need a little shove to figure it out.

The Task: I would like to create an LDAP directory to be used as a simple contact database. With basically the fields and structure of Outlook's Address Book. The key point here should be that I want to be able to add and delete users from a web interface (I can create that easily enough) but be able to use that same directory within Outlook (or Outlook Express)-- thus the use of the LDAP server (that and its superior ability with this type of task).

The System: I already have the latest version of Open LDAP up and running. I've been using LDAP Administrator to do simple record manipulation from my PC.

Research so far: I have see some references to what fields to use, etc (on the LDP, etc) but I cannot get it to work (or don't know how to get it to work) with LDAP3. Does anybody know of a walk through or even have a quick and dirty set of instructions? Do I need to setup my own schema or do I use pre-existing ones? Is there a schema file specifically for Outlook's structure?

Thank you so much for your time, I think that while OpenLDAP is lacking on some documentation and helps, the software itself seems to solid and robust.
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