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(sigh) replication still failing on 1.2.13

Well, my problem with replication on OL 1.2.13 with Solaris7 isn't
threads, after all.  The non-threaded version is also failing...

I bumped up debug logging, and wrote a couple of Perl progs to force
something to change and check the replication.  Finally failed today
with the following logged:

Feb 27 17:36:46 ns01 slapd[20060]: conn=50508 op=1 MOD
Feb 27 17:36:46 ns01 slapd[20060]: conn=50508 op=1 RESULT err=0 tag=103
Feb 27 17:36:46 ns01 slapd[20060]: could not open

Unfortunately, slapd doesn't log the errno, so who knows why.  I'm
modifying the code to include a strerror() in the message to find out
I set the ulimit up to 1024 file descriptors before starting slapd.  I
sure hope I'm not hitting that, can't see why unless something is
leaking fd's.


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