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Re: opendlap and sasl...

On Wednesday 27 February 2002 10:27 am, tarjei@nu.no wrote:
> It would help if you said what your problem is :)
> Anyhow check:
> cyrus.utils.sf.net -> the faq for a lot of info that might be relevant
>                          -> the files section got som interesting patches.
> also check your /usr/share/doc/cyrus-sasl folder for the html files that
> comes with the distro.
> Tarjei
> francesco tornieri wrote:
> >I have some problems with Sasl....can you suggest me a doc that explain it
> > (i haven't find any...).
> >Thx, Francesco

Oki oki :)
I've compete migration from Openldap v. 1.2.11 to Openldap 2.0.21 (Redhat 
7.2). Now, if i make a simple search (ldapsearch -x uid=tmpprova) i obtain 
the correct result, but, if i use sasl (ldapsearch uid=tmpprova) i obtain:
ldap_sasl_interactive_bind_s: No such attribute
I read Opendlap faq and other documents (i know that problem is sasl layer) 
but i don't know how solve it (i've read /usr/share/doc/cyrus-sasl  yet buy i 
haven't solve the problems...)
Can you suggest me something?