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Re: ldap notification


If you're asking for triggers sought of like the iPlanet pre/post operation filters then try back-perl. I don't know the details of back-perl right now, I was told that it hasn't been maintained for a while.

As I understand, with back-perl, you can inspect the query before it is passed on to the server, and I'd assume after as well.

back-perl has not been ported to win32. I believe due to a libperl.dll issue. I found a libperl.dll in the cygwin package, and did look into trying to build openldap against cygwin's libperl.dll, but that prospect was definately over my head.

On a side note, I believe back-perl is a very cool, overlooked feature of OpenLDAP. We use iPlanet extensively at our site and were looking to move over to OpenLDAP, but plugin support was all we were missing. And without this, had to abandon the idea,at least for now. Unfortunately, iPlanet does a few things, such as NT password sync using plugins ( operation filters ) that can not be easily supported on a LDAP server without a general scripting interface. Like the ability to validate a query before or after it's executed using an external program or update a arbitray external database with a change in the ldap tree, or bridge misc. information between NT and UNIX systems using LDAP.

just my two cents,

Eli Elhadad wrote:
Hi all,
I'm developing an ldap server that will hold all kind of configuration and
other software data, this server will serve several software clients.
i want to know when a client change an entry, so other clients will be able
to update their relevant data structures.

to be brief: is there any notification method i could use (like registry
notification for example)?

thanks in advance


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