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Re: ldap notification

>If you're asking for triggers sought of like the iPlanet pre/post 
>operation filters then try back-perl.  I don't know the details of 
>back-perl right now, I was told that it hasn't been maintained for a while.
>As I understand, with back-perl, you can inspect the query before it is 
>passed on to the server, and I'd assume after as well.
>back-perl has not been ported to win32.  I believe due to a libperl.dll 
>issue.  I found a libperl.dll in the cygwin package, and did look into 
>trying to build openldap against cygwin's libperl.dll, but that prospect 
>was definately over my head.

I'm curious if anyone has considered adding trigger/script support via a 
faux-slurpd.  If slapd writes all it's modifications to a logfile,  
couldn't a process sit on a log file just like slurpd does?

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