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Re: slapd 1.2.13 stops replicating

Just to recap my earlier postings:

Looks like Solaris threads were likely my problem after all.  Rebuilt
slapd without threads a few days ago and haven't had further problems
(knock on wood).  Still have the threaded slurpd, but haven't seen it
mess up yet.


wes@umich.edu wrote:
> On 2/21/02 8:29 AM -0700 asparks@quris.com wrote:
> > It's my production master, so I don't have much logging turned on.
> > Backend is BDB 2.7.7.  Server certainly acts like it thinks it gets a
> > MON operation, since it changes the data in ther master DB.  But nothing
> > appears in the replog.
> This could be a bug in the backend.
> > Is there any chance this could be thread related?  While the FAQ-O-Matic
> > describes (and I use) the Solaris threaded build hints, I note a mention
> > that Solaris threads are preemptive and unsuitable for OL 1.2.x.  Wonder
> > if this is an artifact of that...  but I reach.
> I use pthreads for OpenLDAP 1.2.x in Solaris 2.6, with no obvious threading
> related issues.  Certainly nothing resembling what you're describing.  You
> might consider turning logging up some.
> :wes

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