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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply about runing openLDAP on WindowsNT:

 > You can find help on compiling OpenLDAP for Windows 
 > (with Visual C++) here:
 > http://www.fivesight.com/downloads/openldap.asp
 > I've compiled it myself but I haven't run any tests yet.
 > Chris Nicol

Some questions:

 1. Did you have a problem with gdbm_errno missing?
 2. Do the openldap tests require an ipc daemon to be running?
    In other words, does openldap use shared memory or semaphores
 3. Please let me know what happens when you run the tests
    after having compiled with Microsoft VC++.
 4. Have you tried www.cygwin.org - a red hat sponsored unix
    emulator which runs on the pc?
 5. I was able to build openldap using it with almost no problem.
    However, I am having trouble running it.
 6. Would you consider trying it? 



p.s. Are you in the maldives - or is that just a server name.
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