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Thanks to everyone for their work in creating openldap.

I was able to compile it a recent download of cygwin on WindowsNT
running on an intel chip.

I had this problem:

	the link step could not resolve gdbm_errno. So, in the
 	programs which linked it in, I added it as a function
	returning errno.

	This applied to slapd, slapadd, slapcat, slapindex.

Then, I ran make test.

	The first step was able to start the ldap server. I know
	because I can do a ps command and see slapd running.

	Howver, ldapsearch hangs. When I try to look at it in
	the debugger, the source line mappings seem out of sync.

So, I changed ldapseach to return 0.

Then, the ldap server starts but in test001 I get comparison failed.
This probably is because ldapsearch doesn't work.

So: please tell me if there is another way to confirm if ldap is
running correctly? And, please tell me if I should expect openldap
to run correctly on cygwin / windowsNT / intel.