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DN question.


We have extended the standard LDAP schema and added an attribute called
Userid. The 'Userid' attribute is defined with EQUALITY set to

We have also created an objectclass which uses this attribute. We want
to add entries for this objectclass.
This Userid is to be a part of the distinguished name (DN), so that we
can add entries with case sensitive DNs. For example we add an entry
having a DN  (Userid=TEST, ou=custom, o=xyz.com). Also we would like to
add another entry having a DN (Userid=test, ou=custom, o=xyz.com).

Our problem is if we add the first entry, LDAP does not accept the
second entry. The message returned is 'Entry already exists'. Since the
attribute Userid is defined to be case sensitive (EQUALITY set to
caseExactMatch) it should accept the second entry also. But it does not?

Can such a thing be done in LDAP?

Any help would be appreciated.