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building a shared library with libldap.a and liblber.a on HP-UX

Hi, all,
I am on HP-UX 11, and I managed to build the libldap.a and liblber.a, but I am trying to create
a shared library out of those archived libraries.
I have modified the linker to supply the right options for archive:
-Wl,-a for archive setting.
The linker finds the right libraries, apparently, but once the shared library is built,
I run nm and I get a list of unresolved symbols, such as "ldap_init", etc.
I noticed some email threads in HP-UX on the "+z/+Z" flag that needs to be passed
in to the files that comprise of libldap.a and libler.a to create position-independent object
Has anyone had any success on this? Or has anyone encountered a similar problem and
found a solution to this?
Hope to hear from someone.

Dicky Johan