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Re: replication question...

Vesa Jääskeläinen wanted us to know:

>I have master LDAP server with authentication information in place x.
>Then I was planning to add additional LDAP server which would clone information from master LDAP server. But only problem is that client LDAP server is under NAT'ed network so Master LDAP server can't contact this server to send modification data.
>Is there any way to get this work (without copying whole database by hand every night).

You need to setup a tunnel.  One that I've used that works great is on
Sourceforge, called vtun.  Look it up.  You'll need two public IP's
somewhere (one for the inbound requests, one for the outbound tunnel)
and the tunnel is initiated from the NAT'd box so you don't need a
public IP at that location.
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