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Re: assertion failure in liblber sockbuf.c

At 05:55 AM 2002-02-13, Ian wrote:
>I am new to this list and rather new to LDAP. So I am hoping I am
>sending this to the right list, doubted between openldap-dev and

This is the right list for discussing how to use OpenLDAP
Software, including provided libraries.

>The second time I connect with the same dn, I get when calling
>ldap_simple_bind_s (I can see the "LDAP Options set" message, pwd is
>also *not* NULL):
>useragent: sockbuf.c:76: ber_sockbuf_ctrl: Assertion `( ( sb
>)->sb_opts.lbo_valid == 0x3 )' failed.
>./run: line 37:  9701 Aborted                 ./useragent/useragent
>I only found one reference in the archives to a similar msg, but it
>was about the assertion in line 75.

I would suspect that the line number difference is irrelevant.

>Does anybody have a clue as to what may be the problem?

I'm not a C++ programmer, but I'd suspect you are not managing
access to the session handle properly.  The assert implies you
are calling the LDAP function with an invalid or trashed
session handle.