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RE: Defining/using auxiliary objectclass - how?

Title: RE: Defining/using auxiliary objectclass - how?

I think the Admin guide is accurate -- it tells you exactly what format to use if you want to define auxiliary object classes. Whether and how to use them is a different matter & you should probably send such questions to a general list, not to the OpenLDAP list.

Regardless, you are misunderstanding this -- add the auxiliary objectclass to the entry as usual.
For example, if you define an auxiliary objectclass called QurisMixin, here is an LDIF entry that belongs to that objectclass:

dn: cn=name,dc=company,dc=com
cn: name
sn: lastname
objectclass: top
objectclass: person
objectclass: QurisMixin
yahoomessengerid: someid

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From: Alan Sparks [mailto:asparks@quris.com]
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Subject: Defining/using auxiliary objectclass - how?

Some tutalage please.  Trying to grok this without great success.

OpenLDAP admin guide, section discusses auxiliary object
classes, and states:
"To define an auxiliary object class which allows myPhoto to be added to
any existing entry."

My initial reading of this was that such a class would "mix in" without
requiring the auxiliary objectclass to be explicitly added to each
object.  This doesn't seem to work... I get attribute violations loading
stuff, until I explicitly name the aux class in the LDIF object.

Am I misunderstanding this?

For reference, using the latest 2.0.23 OpenLDAP release, with something
that looks like:

   objectclass ( NAME 'QurisMixin'
        DESC  'mix in Quris enterprise attributes'
        SUP top AUXILIARY
        MAY ( accountdisabled $ yahoomessengerid ) )

(originally tried it without the "SUP top", with same unhelpful result.)
Thanks in advance.

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