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RE: Newbie Question

Title: RE: Newbie Question

See the Admin Guide http://www.openldap.org/doc/admin/schema.html
Also look through the schemas distributed with OpenLDAP for the objectclass definitions that match your needs. You probably want the inetorgperson objectclass, which depends on a few others. Include inetorgperson.schema and its dependencies in slapd.conf.

Sounds like you also need some background on why attributes are/aren't allowed. Each objectclass has a set of mandatory attributes and a set of allowed attributes, and objectclasses inherit (from the SUP objectclass in OpenLDAP's schemas). If the attribute is neither required nor allowed by the objectclasses that an entry belongs to, then it should be pretty clear that you can't use it without adding one of the following to the entry: the extensibleObject objectclass (don't do this!), an auxiliary objectclass, or some other objectclass.

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Hello All,

I am bran new at OpenLDAP, I have setup the slapd server and can connect
to it, I have also set up the base name. What I am trying to achieve is a
corporate addressbook that is available though email clients.

I have been trying to enter people with the following attributes:

Email Address

Thats all I need, but I get various errors about attributes not allowed
etc. Can someone let me know what schema's I need, or how I should go
about entering this info.



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