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Re: Ldapsearch problem and schema

At 02:41 PM 2002-02-11, Florence Lai wrote:
>1, Is the ldapsearch command line familiar with all 3
>party LDAP application such as critial path ?

They are similar but not the same as there is no
agreed upon specification for these command line

>2, How do i know the version for Ldapsearch command
>line ? Coz, when I just type ldapsearch, it only
>display the syntax and how to use it.

For OpenLDAP versions, use ident(1).

>3. I am not using openldap for my ldap server. I just
>use the ldapsearch command line to find my schema in
>my ldap directory. 

Well, if it an LDAPv3 server, it should provide
schema as described in RFC 2251 (and countless
time on this list and on the U-Mich general LDAP
mailing list).