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Ldapsearch problem and schema


1, Is the ldapsearch command line familiar with all 3
party LDAP application such as critial path ?

2, How do i know the version for Ldapsearch command
line ? Coz, when I just type ldapsearch, it only
display the syntax and how to use it.

3. I am not using openldap for my ldap server. I just
use the ldapsearch command line to find my schema in
my ldap directory. 

ldapsearch -h localhost -b cn=schema -s base -p 1234
ldapsearch: No match.

ldapsearch -h localhost -b cn=schema -s base -p 1234
ldap_search: No such object

I tried to search with authorization or using
objectclass=subschema, Both doesn't work.

could you tell me how do i got the default info for
the root directory and schema info?

Thanks for help. 


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