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Re: help! slapd is crashing

AHA! I found it! If I submit this following query to my server, BAM, dead

(&(mailBase=/mnt/mail)(mailRoutingAddress=user@domain.com)(objectClass=posixAccount)(objectClass=top)(gidNumber=1001)(mail=user@domain.com)(uid=user%domain.com)(uidNumber=1001)(associatedDomain=domain.com)(cn=Mail Server User)(mailDirQuota=10485760)(mailDir=d/o/domain.com/user/)(userPassword=XXXX)(homeDirectory=/home/domain.com/user))

Anyone know why that query is killing slapd? I'm going to try to stop the 
system that is submitting it from doing so ( I don't think it's a useful 
query ). Any insight you can lend would be great!

On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 11:33:57AM -0500, Joshua E Warchol wrote:
> Beginning Friday at about noon my slapd process on my master openldap
> server begain having issues. It would randomly die when given input
> from another system. Restarting slapd and slurpd brought things online
> again, but shortly after it began to barf again. Its been doing this
> on and off for days now. 
> When the problem started I was running 2.0.7 (compiled in
> openldap-2.0.7-14.src.rpm). I just upgraded to stock redhat 
> 2.0.21. 
> I'm not seeing any syslog output on LOCAL4, is there something special
> I need to do to get some debugging output? I don't even know where to start
> without seeing what the service is doing. 
> Please respond if you have any ideas or suggestions (or if you need more 
> specifics).
> -- 
> Joshua Warchol
> UNIX Systems Administrator
> DSL.net

Joshua Warchol
UNIX Systems Administrator