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help! slapd is crashing

Beginning Friday at about noon my slapd process on my master openldap
server begain having issues. It would randomly die when given input
from another system. Restarting slapd and slurpd brought things online
again, but shortly after it began to barf again. Its been doing this
on and off for days now. 

When the problem started I was running 2.0.7 (compiled in
openldap-2.0.7-14.src.rpm). I just upgraded to stock redhat 

I'm not seeing any syslog output on LOCAL4, is there something special
I need to do to get some debugging output? I don't even know where to start
without seeing what the service is doing. 

Please respond if you have any ideas or suggestions (or if you need more 

Joshua Warchol
UNIX Systems Administrator