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corrupt objectClass index

I've had problems with corrupt indexes running 2.0.18 on Redhat Linux.  So, I've been doing some testing on 2.0.22 to see if the problem has been fixed.  Unfortunately, I still am getting a corrupt objectClass index.

After running heavy load on my system, I do the following 2 searches:

-Netnodeid is an attribute I have defined, but it isn't used.  I don't have an index on it, so I believe that the search returns all data even if an index is corrupt.


I have a presence and equality index on objectClass, so the above search should look in the index.

With the first search, I get 2776 objectClass attributes.  With the second search, I only get 1768 objectClass attributes.

Running slapindex does NOT repair the objectClass index.  The only way I figured out to repair the data, is to do the following:

-command line ldapsearch w/ filter (!(Netnodeid=*)) output to file

-ldapmodify with the output file from first step as input

Since this works, it seems like the root problem is corruption in one of the non-index .dbb files (maybe id2entry.dbb).  From looking at debug output from slapindex, it seems like it can't find all the data in id2entry.dbb.

Any ideas or suggestions?


Kevin Hicks