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Re: Department names?

Kamesh Patel wrote:
> how do i add a department name to ldap? i cant seem to find the schema for
> it in any of the files!
> i have tried:
> dn: departmentNumber=IT,ou=division,o=company,dc=co,dc=uk
> objectclass: inetorgperson
> departmentNumber: IT
> but obviously the above departmentNumber expects a number, with the above,
> this is what i get:
> ldap_add: Object class violation
>         additional info: object class 'inetorgperson' requires attribute
> 'sn'
> Which means i am using the wrong format in the ldif!

Yes, the sn attribute is missing in your entry data.

Attribute departmentNumber is *not* limited to numbers (see RFC 1274
where RFC 2798 borrowed it from). However many clients (e.g.
Outlook) read the department from ou attribute.

Ciao, Michael.