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Re: Serious Concurrency problem with openldap-2.0.X

Em Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 09:52:28AM +0100, Michel.Minsoul escreveu:
> I have tested openldap-2.0.22 and it seems to work. I could not reproduce
> the concurrency problem I had with openldap-2.0.21. Thanks for fixing this
> bug rapidly.
> Just one more question. It seems that the new giant lock prevents any
> entry from being read while a given entry is being updated. It would be

Just a question, what would be better then regarding this behaviour: compile openldap without
threads or upgrade to 2.0.22? I.e., this "giant lock" behaviour in .22 would
be the same as if 2.0.21 was compiled without threads, right?