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Re: help needed

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Ajit Nair wrote:

> hi Raf Meeusen,
>     Thanks for responding.
> Raf Meeusen wrote:
> > On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Ajit Nair wrote:
> >
> > > hi to all,
> > >     I have developed a client who talks with OpenLdap.I now want this
> > > client to talk another ldap server (Netscape) through OpenLdap.My
> > > question is can we do this ?????
> >
> > specify, talking to Netscape through OpenLDAP?  Do you want to mirror your
> > Netscape LDAP tree into OpenLDAP, or do you seek some Abstraction Layer
> > for ldap-trees?  Or maybe you want to access your netscape via openldap
> > with referrals to netscape?
> >
> I would like the client to first check in the OpenLdap tree as to whether a
> user exists if not then he should be able to contact the other Netscape server
> for the user.If the client does get the user from the Netscape then route the
> details of the user through the OpenLdap.
> If you could explain me in detail about the rest of the options that you have
> specified it would also be of immense help to me to understand OpenLdap and
> its functionalities in a better way.
> The options that you have given me really interests me .
> If you could pass certain literature on this front would also be appreciated .

1.  You indeed should be able to guide your client to the correct 
ldap-server, but when you want to modify/add your tree with some kind 
of persistent caching gateway, it will cause a lot of headaches.  I don't 
doubt about the fact that it is possible, it should, but I shouldn't start 
coding on something complex, when there are less exhausting 

2.  mirror netscape in OpenLDAP.  You should be able to dump your complete 
netscape ldap-server into openldap, so you don't need those referrals, nor 
storage and adaptations of your own tree.  This should make it easier, not 
that it is that simple to get rid of this netscape server, but it would be 
a nice start.

3.  abstraction between trees.  You can build a client that can connect to 
whichever ldap-server (ldapv3 at least, I don't now for v2), and 
query/add/nodify entries in whichever server/tree, as long as the correct 
permissions are in place of course.  GQ, or ganymede, or viewers that can 
look in several trees.  So they have some kind of abstraction (if I may 
present it that way) between trees...

4.  referrals.  I do think you can add referrals in your tree, so that 
when you get to some dn in your openldap tree, there is a referral to your 
netscape tree, so you can get your info there.  I don't know how to set 
things up precisely, but other menbers in the list will know more about this, especially those who run 
huge ldap-servers...

5.  Literature.  Google is a library on its own, the archives have some 
links to really nice howto's, and the e-stores (amazon etc.) have some 
books about it.  It's just searvhing for the info you want.

Good luck with it,


> Regards
> Ajit
> >
> > kr,
> >
> > Raf.
> >
> > > If yes is it that i should be doing  some settings on OpenLdap Server.
> > > Can somebody please help me out.
> > > If any one can suggest me some reading material on this topic that would
> > >
> > > also be of immense help to me.
> > > Thanks and regards
> > > Ajit Nair
> > >
> >
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