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RE: public openldap server

> On Wed, Jan 30, 2002 at 05:30:59PM -0800, Brian Arkills wrote:
> > Does anyone have (or know of) a public openldap server on 
> the internet?
> > I'm looking to check out the base DSA settings, and find out a few general feature/functionality things without setting up my own.
> HostName=ldap.itd.umich.edu"
> Port=389
> BaseDN=o=University of Michigan, c=us
> HostName=www.openldap.com
> Port=389
> BaseDN=dc=openldap,dc=org
> host=directory.washington.edu
> port=389
> BaseDN=o=University of Washington,c=us

Thanks, Gary! But ...

Both the UofM and OpenLDAP server seem to have ACL'd their rootDSA (acceptable via the standards) so these are both useless to me. I'm unsure if the UW server really is OpenLDAP or another LDAP server, and haven't been able to verify this from browsing their website.

Perhaps a slightly different approach:

If anyone running the latest version of OpenLDAP could send me the output of their rootDSA entry, I'd be grateful. I really need to know the default values of the supportedControl attribute, but I'd also be interested in seeing the other attributes.

It would be nice for all the default LDAP controls that OpenLDAP supports to be listed somewhere on the website so folks who are interested in considering openldap can use this as a data point in their decision. I know these are non-human friendly OID numbers, but some of us can translate them to something meaningful.