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make test error on Red Hat 7.0

Hi to everybody:

I'm trying to install OpenLDAP 2.0.21 on a Red Hat 7.0. I've no problems with the ./configure, make depend & make commands, but I've the typical first error when I "make test". I attach you two files with the error outputs, an Outtest file with the result of 'make test' and the 'master.log'. 
I tryed to put in '/etc/hosts.allow' the issue slapd: localhost: ALLOW; I tryed to ./configure --enable-rlookups, I tryed a lot of things...
I've readen on Faq-O-Matic something about the installation of RedHat7.0 and something about DNS mapping but I didn't understand..

If I install OpenLDAP on a RedHat 6.1 I've no problem... but this is a test machine... the problem is that my "main server" has installed RedHat 7.0

Thank's a lot for your help, Oscar

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