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Re: x500UniqueIdentifier syntax?

At 11:43 AM 2002-01-24, Alexander Khokhlov wrote:
>I need to create directory which will possibly contain duplicated RDN values.
>As I understand I can use this attribute type to prevent confilcts between objects with duplicated RDN, can't I?

>But  when  I tried to add some object (with duplicated RDN) I got server error message as a result:
>adding new entry "cn=Alexander Khokhlov, ou=Computer Department, OU=Leftbeach branch office,L=Donetsk,O=Ukrsotsbank,c=UA"
>ldap_add: Invalid syntax
>       additional info: x500UniqueIdentifier: value #0 invalid per syntax

x500UniqueIdentifier has bit string syntax.  Values should
be presented using the format detailed in RFC 2252, e.g.

IIRC, there is a bug report regarding this syntax and a
fix is in the works (it may actually have been released,
I don't have time at the moment to research this).

Anyways, I suggest you avoid multi-valued RDNs as they
are not fully supported in 2.0 and are a generally pain
deployment wise (due to conflicts and instability of
value).  It's far better, IMO, to use attributes whose
values are stable and unique (within the domain of use).