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RE: Active Directory Imitation

There is a copy of an early version of Microsoft's ActiveDirectory schema
include in the OpenLDAP source tree on the development (HEAD) branch. How
accurate or up-to-date this file is isn't really clear. However, I think that's
a minor point given your query. Since it seems you really want to test how
other servers are going to behave, there is nothing to be gained by trying to
make OpenLDAP imitate those other servers. Every server version has its own
peculiar quirks, and the only way to discover what those are is to talk to the
actual servers.

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> Subject: Active Directory Imitation
> Hi,
> I am posting this just having joined the list so apologies if it is off beam
> but I am working to quite short time scales just at the moment.
> I am writing a little app in Java (JNDI) that queries LDAP servers for user
> info and produces an XML file to be imported by another application.
> I have written the app and tested against OpenLDAP and it works fine. I now
> have to go through testing it against other LDAP servers. What I am
> wondering is if I can get OpenLDAP to imitate other servers by setting it up
> with their default schemas. The main one I need to do this for is Active
> Directory. Could I use the AD schema as the core schema in OpenLDAP.
> If yes has anyone any idea of where I may get an Active Directory schema
> file that I could load into OpenLDAP.
> I'd like to do this method of testing before I get into setting up a full
> test environment with two Win2K servers etc (yuk).
> Any thoughts most appreciated.
> Roger