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Active Directory Imitation


I am posting this just having joined the list so apologies if it is off beam
but I am working to quite short time scales just at the moment.

I am writing a little app in Java (JNDI) that queries LDAP servers for user
info and produces an XML file to be imported by another application.

I have written the app and tested against OpenLDAP and it works fine. I now
have to go through testing it against other LDAP servers. What I am
wondering is if I can get OpenLDAP to imitate other servers by setting it up
with their default schemas. The main one I need to do this for is Active
Directory. Could I use the AD schema as the core schema in OpenLDAP.

If yes has anyone any idea of where I may get an Active Directory schema
file that I could load into OpenLDAP.

I'd like to do this method of testing before I get into setting up a full
test environment with two Win2K servers etc (yuk).

Any thoughts most appreciated.