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x500UniqueIdentifier syntax?

I need to create directory which will possibly contain duplicated RDN values.
As I understand I can use this attribute type to prevent confilcts between objects with duplicated RDN, can't I?
But when I tried to add some object (with duplicated RDN) I got server error message as a result:

adding new entry "cn=Alexander Khokhlov, ou=Computer Department, OU=Leftbeach branch office,L=Donetsk,O=Ukrsotsbank,c=UA"
ldap_add: Invalid syntax
additional info: x500UniqueIdentifier: value #0 invalid per syntax

ldif_record() = 21

My LDIF file is:

dn: cn=Alexander Khokhlov, ou=Computer Department, OU=Leftbeach branch office,L=Donetsk,O=Ukrsotsbank,c=UA
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
objectClass: person
cn: Alexander Khokhlov
cn;lang-ru:: 0JDQu9C10LrRgdCw0L3QtNGAINCl0L7RhdC70L7Qsg==
sn: Khokhlov
x500UniqueIdentifier:: AAAAAA==
userPassword:: e1NIQX11VVRaZUZ0V2ZLNkU5Z1dCYjJpTU80Ukc1UTg9

Where is my fault?
Would you please explain me correct usage of this attribute type.

								Sincerely Yours
								Alexander Khokhlov
								E-Mail: mailto:mailer@cbsd.donetsk.ua
								ICQ# 133672930