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Re: Password Crypt Problem?

At 21:44 18/01/02 -0800, Rajat wrote:

and even if i get the crypt password using the
slappasswd ... and edit my LDIF file and then add ..
it still doesnt work .. ( here i remove from my
configuration the crypt format ... )

when you make just an ldapadd you must give it the encrypted form of the password, for example:
userPassword: {crypt}ABdFghrgxFyxt
because ldapadd doesn't crypt password.
but ldapasswd and slapdpasswd use what you declare in the slapd.conf (password-hash and password-crypt-salt-format) to crypt the password!! so you must declare in slapd.conf what you need to crypt the password.
and then you can use slappasswd to crypt your password and then add the result in your ldif file. and you can use ldappasswd to change a password in your database

hope this will help you
best regards