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Re: Password Crypt Problem?

Hi Kurt..

i think i posted th message on the mailing list ..
sorry if you were getting in your mailbox.. becoz of
CC and reply all policy ..
my apologies ..
now as for the problem .. how come then IBM LDAP and
Netscape LDAP dont have problem in crypt encryptin ..
there i dont even have to define the salt ..???
so that means both are from a proffesional company
which are following standards ..
hencfort they are diverting from RFC !!!
and all the open-source softwares work great with them
.. in terms of crypt based authentication!!!

BUT onl openldap is failing ... 

so what do i infer from this !!!!

i again say ... the password hash and passowrd crypt
format specified in slapd.conf is not getting parsed
when i add an entry using ldapadd 

all the opensource softwares are seeing the passwords
as cleartext password ... my userpassword and mailhost
entry is shown as long encrypted text as the verbose
output of ldapsearch !!!

and even if i get the crypt password using the
slappasswd ... and edit my LDIF file and then add ..
it still doesnt work .. ( here i remove from my
configuration the crypt format ... )

please .. what could be wrong ..

and i understnad that you help the opensource
community  by doing this voulantary work .. and you
are really busy becoz of volume of emails on this
mailing list .. but am not getting any answer .. and i
could loose my job if dont get this workin .. coz i
too promote opensource like anything .. !!!!!

I really appreciate your help .. and anybody out there
who can help me .. please i request your help !


--- "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> wrote:
> This is a form letter.  Due to the volume of e-mail
> I receive I cannot
> respond to all e-mails directed to my mailbox
> personally.
> If your message concerns the use of OpenLDAP, I
> suggest that you
> post your message to the most appropriate OpenLDAP
> mailing list.
> Do not cross post.  You must be subscribed to post.
> 	http://www.openldap.org/lists/
> If your message concerns LDAP standardization, I
> suggest you
> select an appropriate IETF mailing list.
> 	http://www.ietf.org/
> If your message is a general LDAP question, I
> suggest you use
> the U-Mich LDAP mailing list <ldap@umich.edu>.
> I often do answer questions that are asked on public
> forums.  I do
> this for the benefit of the community.  As taking
> discussions
> offline only affords the enquirer the benefit of my
> response,
> I ask that you post whatever follow-up questions you
> might have
> to the list.
> Regards, Kurt

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