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RE: uidNumber attribute not allowed

The entry you're trying to add the uidNumber attribute to must have an
objectClass attribute that specifies an object class that allows the
uidNumber attribute.  If you're using samba TNG as a PDC (not sure about
smaba 2.2.2 yet), you'll probably need to use both the nis and samba schemas
and the entries for your users should have an objectClass attribute with
value posixAccount and another with value sambaAccount though I'm not sure
what impact the Kerberos integration will have.

Perhaps one of the lists associated with the version of samba that you're
using would be a better place to post these questions.


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Subject: uidNumber attribute not allowed

I've posted this question before, but I still have not found an answer or a
solution. Please forgive my ignorance (stupidity?) on the subject, but I am
trying to add the attribute uidNumber. The error I get is "Object class
violation," "attribute not allowed." I have my LDAP/Kerberos integration
working fine, but I need to incorporate LDAP with Samba. All the
documentation I have on this states the uidNumber attribute (gidNumber too)
is required.  I have tried everything I can think of, including dropping the
standard nis.schema and using a custom samba schema that includes uidNumber.
Same error. Can anyone tell me what is going wrong? I know the FAQ states
the attribute is not allowed (obvious), but I would like to know why (not
obvious), and especially if there is a workaround. This problem has stalled
me for an entire week. I've only been working with LDAP for two months, and
although I feel I've gotten pretty far a little insight right now would help
me a great deal. Can anyone give me a hand?