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Re: Problem with migrate to ldap authentication (Re Hat 7.2)

Brian Johnson wrote:
> I can't get past this error.  Any help?
> I checked the list archives and couldn't find anything that helped (although
> some sounded like similar problems)
> [root@Pentium_75 migration]# ./migrate_all_online.sh
> Enter the X.500 naming context you wish to import into: [dc=jecinc, dc=on,
> dc=ca]
> Enter the name of your LDAP server [ldap]: localhost
> Enter the manager DN: [cn=manager,dc=jecinc, dc=on, dc=ca]:
> Enter the credentials to bind with:
> Do you wish to generate a DUAConfigProfile [yes|no]? no
> Importing into dc=jecinc, dc=on, dc=ca...
> Creating naming context entries...
> Migrating aliases...
> Migrating groups...
> Migrating hosts...
> Migrating networks...
> Migrating users...
> Migrating protocols...
> Migrating rpcs...
> Migrating services...
> Migrating netgroups...
> Migrating netgroups (by user)...
> Migrating netgroups (by host)...
> adding new entry "dc=jecinc, dc=on, dc=ca"
> ldap_add: Unknown error
>         additional info: entry store failed

This looks like an error from the backend.  You may be running out of space. 
What does 'df' say?  Do you have a filesize limit in /etc/security/limits.conf? 
Do your filesystems support files > 2GB?  (Well, I suppose the last question
doesn't matter since AFAIK gdbm doesn't support files > 2GB.)
> ldif_record() = 80
> Importing into LDAP...
> ldap_bind: Can't contact LDAP server
> /usr/bin/ldapadd: returned non-zero exit status
> [root@Pentium_75 migration]#

BTW I recommend RawHide OpenLDAP 2.0.19-1.  Among other improvements, it's
multithreaded, so one process can't lock up the directory.