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Re: error with ldapadd ?

sorry for my mistake, you're perfectly right. As my suffix is only ou=config, I didn't realize what you said.

thank you for the precision,
 best regards,


At 08:45 17/01/02 +0000, Daniel Tiefnig wrote:

Lise Didillon wrote...:

> No  I think (and it's what I do because if not I can't add any
> other entries) you have to add the root entries even they are
> declared as the suffix database.

hmm.. actually, you _have to_ add a entry _if_ it is declared as the
suffix of a database. but, and that's what i meant, maybe that wasn't
clear, you cannot add an entry that is virtually above all of your

look at this entry in slapd.conf:

database ldbm
suffix "o=magnaquest,c=in"

and let's say, there are no other database definitions in slapd.conf,
this configuration won't allow you to add

dn: c=in

into your db. you'll get a "no such object" error message from slapd..


> At 09:27 16/01/02 +0000, Daniel Tiefnig wrote:
>>Lise Didillon wrote...:
>> > you need first to add "c=IN"
>>this won't work. note the suffix line specyfied in slapd.conf.
>> > then add "o=magnaquest,c=IN", then add
>> > "cn=majeed,o=maganquest,c=IN"
>> >
>> >>database        ldbm suffix          "o=magnaquest,c=IN"