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acl regexp question

Hey guys,

    I have a question about setting up ACLs for the following DIT structure:

    dc = domain1 -- ou = users
                 -- ou = subdomains1 -- ou = users

    dc = domain2 -- ou = users
                 -- ou = subdomains2 -- ou = users


    dc = domainN -- ou = users
                 -- ou = subdomainsN -- ou = users

    For every domain, I have an entry in the users group, where the uid is
    the same as the domain name.  This uid was chosen to be the "admin" for
    each domain, respectively.  Each subdomain also has its own admin.  Is
    there any way to write a generic enough ACL to represent this?  Or
    should I just create an ACL file, #include it, have that file modified
    when a new domain is added/removed, and then just reload the slapd