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RE: openldap and openssl

    TLS_CACERT    /path/to/cacert.pem
to your ldap.conf
The client needs at least to have a copy of the server's CA certificate.

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I'm trying to use ldaps, eventually with php but I'd like to see it
work with just the openldap clients first.
What file do I add config stuff for the client so that I can do
 ldapsearch -H ldaps://caldir-test
I'm not running slapd, just using the client software.  I can do
 ldapsearch -H ldap://caldir-test
and that works just fine.  When I use ldaps then I get complaints from
openssl, which I think are because it doesn't have the certificate or
key file (or whatever it is) I need for my ldap server.
(The ldap server is the Sun/iplanet one running on a different