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slapd dies with failed assertion....

I am running openldap 2.0.18 on Solaris.
Shortly after I startup slapd it does with the following error:

schema_init.c:622: failed assertion `!ldap_utf8_isspace( LDAP_UTF8_PREV(q) )'

Looking in the code I see this line:

        /* cannot end with a space */
        assert( !ldap_utf8_isspace( LDAP_UTF8_PREV(q) ) );

I have 5 servers which are performing querys to this server.  I noticed that
everytime it would die the same server was querying it.  All 5 systems
are Solaris systems which should be configured the same.  I took that client
offline and slapd is staying up.  

Any ideas on what could be causing the problem I am seeing here?  
Could it be some kind of an invalid query or something?


* Luke Miller             Unix System Administrator *
* Integra Telecom                      503-748-4549 *