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<FOUND SOLUTION TO> Re: PLEASE HELP - simple slapd.conf question -

Quite odd...
The problem went away when I changed the following line in my
slapd.conf from:

	replogfile /usr/MASTER_LDAP_LOG/dspadds3_slapd.replog


	replogfile /var/lib/ldap/slapd.replog

granted the default slapd.conf (that comes with the 2.0.11
bundled in RH7.2) instructs one to put the replog file in this
directory BUT I always thought you could pick and arbitrary path
and work with that.

____ another question ____

Does anyone have recomendations for how best (easiest) to set up
the following:

   1) slave promotion to master when the master goes down
   2) connection ballancing (for search requests) between a
master and its slave(s).

I'm wondering if there are tools for these tasks on openLDAP or
if I should just roll my own code.