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schema for netscape address book


as title. i am looking for schema for netscape address book runing on
openldap. basic setup were done following the artile on linux journal,
http://www.linuxjournal.com/article.php?sid=5182 . however, i want to
use ia all available fields of netscape address book. i can hardly found
any artiles on web mention about that schema. is somebody have worked
out that schema or its available some where out there? please be kind to
let me know.

what i get lastest is that some files on the redhat distribution,
slapd.at.conf & slapd.oc.conf, can handle my case. however, i can't find
them on 2.0.19 source. further, there is some class/attribute
definitions which is in "old format", openldap complaint about
"others.schema: line 3: old attribute type format not supported.".

# Unix related and default classes (Modified)

attribute       userpassword                            ces
attribute       telephonenumber                         tel
attribute       facsimiletelephonenumber        fax     tel
attribute       pagertelephonenumberpager               tel
attribute       homephone                               tel
attribute       mobiletelephonenumber           mobile  tel
attribute       member                                  dn
attribute       owner                                   dn
attribute       dn                                      dn
------------------------- following part not copied

regards, chris