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Newbie Installation question

I have a RedHat 7 installation which I am attempting to configure OpenLDAP
I read the prerequisite software packages and determined that the underlying
OS has
most of what I need for a basic test without much of the enhanced security
which I will add on once I check out how the software works with various

So I followed the instructions for installation and I got through all the
steps including
successful passing of the "make test" step.  However I failed on the

[root@bulger-test openldap]# ldapadd -f intown.ldif -x -D
"cn=Manager,dc=intown,dc=com" -w mike
ldap_bind: Invalid credentials
[root@bulger-test openldap]#

I did not specifically install a database.  Could that be the problem or is
the embedded gdbm supposed
to work?  

I checked the slapd.conf file pretty carefully, but did not find anything
wrong there.  I also do not
see slapd running, but in the slapd.pid there is a PID listed and running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!