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Re: entry -1 has multiple dns ?

It means that an LDIF entry record has multiple DNs.
Make sure LDIF entry records are separated by a blank line.


At 06:13 PM 2001-12-23, Michael Ströder wrote:
>I'm trying to bulk-upload the BLITS 2.5 test data with slapadd on a
>recent REL_ENG_2 build.
>Can someone enlighten me what this error message means?
>Dec 24 03:10:01 localhost slapadd: str2entry: entry -1 has multiple
>dns "cn=Pablo Picasso + uid=00123456789, ou=Search, o=IMC, c=US" and
>"ou=ExtendedSearch, o=IMC, c=US" (second ignored) 
>Ciao, Michael.