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SASL EXTERNAL authentication blues

Hi all,

I have unsuccessfully tried getting slapd working with TLS client 

What I wish to achieve (as a first proof of concept) is to have ldapsearch or 
ldapadd, authenticate against slapd with a X.509 client certificate and then 
act as the rootdn.

I believe I have tried all the hints in the archieves on this subject 
(obviously I cannot have done that ad it still does not work).

Basically this is my understanding of how to do it:

I have successfully ran the command:
ldapsearch -x -H "ldaps://localhost" -s base -b "" supportedSASLMechanisms

which lists the EXTERNAL mechanism

I have then tried to run
ldapsearch -Y EXTERNAL -H "ldaps://localhost" -s base -b "" 

But sofar without any luck.

I have added -O none as suggested in a previous post as well as combinations 
of -U and -X parameters, still no luck.

I have added the root user to sasl using saslpasswd (but am unsure how this 
should be done correctly), in that respect what bothers me most is that event 
though i use the sasl realm dc=dk,dc=deff, slapd reports the following:

==> sasl_bind: dn="" mech=EXTERNAL datalen=0
SASL Authorize [conn=0]: authcid="/DC=dk/DC=deff/CN=Manager" 
SASL Authorize [conn=0]: "/DC=dk/DC=deff/CN=Manager" as 
slap_sasl_bind: username="u:/DC=dk/DC=deff/CN=Manager" realm="" ssf=0
<== slap_sasl_bind: authorization disallowed

where as you can see the realm is noted as ""

I have tried different configurations of the rootdn en slapd.conf, but I 
believe that the correct must be:
suffix		"dc=deff,dc=dk"
rootdn		"uid=/DC=dk/DC=deff/CN=Manager,dc=deff,dc=dk"

given the certificate DN received above.

I am not really sure if sasl passwords added using saslpasswd are needed for 
the EXTERNAL mechanism. I suspect not.

How does sasl actually authenticate using EXTERNAL, I have tried looking at 
the cyrus-sasl mailing list archive, but apparently it looks as it is done by 
the server (slapd?)

Any help is appreciated.

Kind regards

"When in doubt, it's a classpath problem."

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