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a few simple questions

Hi everyone,

Q1: When setting up an adress book and you want to be able to send a 
GROUP email can it be done by any special structure/object class?

I had to create a maillist list on the server to do it. This is an ldif entry
dn: cn=Syd_HeadOfficeStaff, ou=Groups, dc=spherion,dc=com
sn: Syd_HeadOfficeStaff
cn: Syd_HeadOfficeStaff
mail: SHO@abinidi.cpgen.cpg.com.au
description: No description yet.
objectClass: top
objectClass: groupOfUniqueNames
objectClass: person
objectClass: organizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
uniqueMember: cn=Jane Drury, ou=People, dc=spherion,dc=com
uniqueMember: cn=Fiona Lea, ou=People, dc=spherion,dc=com
uniqueMember: cn=Andrew Major, ou=People, dc=spherion,dc=com
uniqueMember: cn=Kelly Eastcott, ou=People, dc=spherion,dc=com
uniqueMember: cn=Gordon Chambers, ou=People, dc=spherion,dc=com

I was under the impresstion that if I didn't have the "mail" attribute the 
ldap client, say Netscape will send an email to all the unique members.

Q2: I would like to add some sort of authentication for apache, squid, samba 
Do I just add more objects to the same record like "posixAccount" and so on
or am I supposed to create a new "tree" for that purpose?

Q3: How do I get users to chage their own details including their passwords?
Do I have to do web front end using perl for example? Or is there something
else that I can use.

Thanks in advance


Steve Simeonidis