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backup / restore over network

I need to be able to take a snapshot of an LDAP tree using LDAP queries (can 
not use slapcat, .dbb files, etc.). I must be able to pull the entire contents 
of a directory to a my local machine over the network, since I have no shell 
access to the remote server.

The reason this is a pain is that ldapsearch produces very random results, and 
there is no chance whatosever that the results will come back the proper order 
for me to simply pipe the results in ldapadd. I get child nodes and leafs way 
before parents (randomly).

I am thinking the best way to get around this is to write a recursive function 
that starts at the rootdse and crawls step by step towards leaf nodes. No 
problem, except that I have to use shell scripts or compiled C/C++ to do this 
(no Perl, Tcl, Python, etc.) Writing recursive ksh scripts is not fun, and 
calling ldapsearch one time per parent is really heavy.

Any recommendations?


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