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Re: problem using slapd

On Tue, 2001-12-18 at 10:50, Jörg Preuß wrote:
> Hi!
> I am just writing my diploma thesis and I need to use ldap - I have 
> choosen openldap for serving.
How will OpenLDAP help writing a thesis ?! ... never mind...

> I tried to use the default configuration and to fill the db manually. I 
> used the java ldapbrowser from http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap. I can 
> authenticate as rootdn with the default rootpw. But I can not add any 
> entry at all.
> The error code is every time '32' (parent does not exist).
You may like to post the ldif file you are trying to add and your
slapd.conf file... Essentially if you are trying to add

dn: ou=foo,dc=bar,dc=com

you need to have a 

dn: dc=bar,dc=com 

somewhere (and probably set as the suffix in ths slapd.conf). you need
to add something like

dn: dc=bar,dc=com
objectclass: dcObject
objectclass: organisation
o: Test organisation

The Quick start guide on openldap.org descripes this quite well.


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