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Hello again :

posted last week the following question , please forgive me to post it again, but i received not any answer : could somebody shed some light to me :

Sorry folks for the (newbie) question,
have essentially the following setup in OpenLDAP 2.0.11

Person OU=XX,dc=yyy,dc=com
objectclass OwnObjectclass
objectclass InetOrgPerson
telePhoneNumber: dn:XXAdressPhone,XXBusinesAddress=name.ba,ou=XX,dc=yyy,dc=com (which is the intended indirect Adressing to persons business address)

there is a correspondent dn name.ba record with the existent attribute XXAdressPhone.
dn: XXbusinessAddress=name.ba,OU=XX,dc=yy,dc=com
XXAddressPhone: <valid phone number>

When i do a ldapsearch, i just get the string on the inetorgpersons telephonenumber entry.
Is it possilbe, or do i totally misunderstand the LDAP design ?
or am i using the wrong syntax ?
Any help appreciated