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RE: berkeley db supported

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> Hi all!
> I need to know if OpenLdap supports any of the Berkeley DB variations:
> "Concurrent Data Store", "Transactional Data Store" and "DB High
> Availability".

When using OpenLDAP's back-ldbm backend with the Berkeley DB library,
you get the Concurrent Data Store model.

> The main reason that I have for planning the use of this db backend is to
> have multiple simultaneous connections that could perform read/write
> operations without blocking.

In the Concurrent Data Store you can have multiple readers XOR one writer.
This may not provide you very good read/write throughput.
> I'm also planning to design a distributed db backend which could
> be used by
> a couple of ldap servers in read/write mode. About this, "Berkeley DB High
> Availability" is the perfect solution for me (at least about its
> functionality). Again, I still need to know if this is possible.

The development version of OpenLDAP has experimental support for the
Transactional Data Store. This code can provide better throughput in the
case of multiple simultaneous readers and writers, but is not very stable
So the answer is that what you ask is possible, but probably not

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