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RE: Dang! This is easperating...

It's been several days since you first started posting here, and I can't
make sense of your current messages in the context of the earlier emails.
Perhaps you should re-cap and tell us what your current configuration looks
like. Also the platform and software versions. I'm a little perplexed
because the string "value contains invalid data" doesn't occur anywhere in
the (current) OpenLDAP source code. If you're running an older release, you
should trash it and work with the current code. Particularly if you are just
starting out, you have no compatibility issues with older support to tie you
to the obsolete revisions.

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> Sent: Saturday, December 15, 2001 1:10 AM
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> Subject: Dang! This is easperating...
> I'm very annoyed by the lack of relevant information on how to
> properly construct the ldif. What I mean is an overview of how
> to deal with the problems I've been having.
> However, I do thank the guys who helped me this week. I got much
> farther than I thought I'd be able.
> Now I'm trying to add entries and I still have problems.
> The root is built properly and the Admin ou is added. Now
> I have this issue:
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
> [1994] cat ken.ldif
> dn: cn=Ken, dc=sdl, dc=org
> objectclass: person
> cn: Ken
> sn: Ingram
> -- root@gemini [/usr/local/etc/openldap/ldifs] bash --
> [1995] ldapadd -x -D "cn=root, ou=Admin, dc=sdl, dc=org" -f ken.ldif -w
> secret
> adding new entry "cn=Ken, dc=sdl, dc=org"
> ldap_add: Invalid syntax
>         additional info: value contains invalid data
> ldif_record() = 21
> >>>>>>>>>>>
> The error message isn't helpful in the least, and there is a circular path
> in the way the FAQ lays out the data.
> What's wrong with this picture? Isn't there some succint, simple,
> uncomplicated source for conquering these problems besides bothering the
> list with these mundane questions?
> The bloody thing is displayed as being simple to use, but it's far from
> simple so far.
> Anyway, thanks for the help folks.